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작성자 CM 작성일 21-08-22 05:14


Hello, Rebirthers! 

We will inform you about the community transfer and what will happen in the future.

■ Details

1. Migration to the new community
※ Detailed contents are being worked on, but we decided that it would be better to transfer, so we decided to open it early. 

▷ URL: https://caretgames.info (If you are on mobile, you can access it through the link at the bottom of the page)

▷ The new community will be the space where all information and services related to game services will be operated.
※ We are currently working on porting data from past communities. 

▷ The new community will be set to be accessible within the chatting app(developing) when it is completed.

2. Inquiry
※ We tried to solve the inconvenience of mailing to cs@caretgames.com and the inconvenience of live chat channels through www.caretgames.net. 

▷ Of course, you can send an email to cs@caretgames.com at any time. 
To solve the inconvenience of sending an e-mail, inquiries through the chat function are enabled to be accepted. You do not need to submit an email through cs@caretgames.com. 

▷ The direct in-game approach will be supplemented with build updates in the future.

3. The way of Notice
※ The bulletin board method is the past method of delivering only limited information, and in order to easily show relevant information, it is a costly structure that requires people to be corrected. 

▷  We are no longer under this inconvenience situation, it has been changed so that information can be delivered easily and quickly as much as possible. 

▷ Please check out the v.181 updates in the new community.

We are very sorry that it took some time to select and open related services and those that can be opened.

After this notice, the current community will no longer be updated.

Thank you for your great support!