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[Maintenance] v.180 Update Details

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작성자 CM 작성일 21-08-06 07:25


Hello, Rebirthers!

There is maintenance scheduled today.

Please check the details.

■ Schedule

▷ Friday, August 6, 2021, 8:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM (UTC+0)
※ Depending on the completion status of v.180 build distribution, it will be opened early.

■ Target Servers

▷ RebirthM, Rebirth Online all servers

▷ Maintenance Reward: 100,000x Gold, 100x Blue Carat

■ Update Details

1. End of Caret Games 6 years old Event 
※ Dropping letters(C, A, R, E, T) will be stopped.

2. [Improvement] Menu > Event 2st and Bug Fixed

▷ Rewards of 90 days will be claimed repeatedly

▷ (Bug) Fixed a bug that could not be received repeatedly after 2 weeks of weekly attendance

3. Update Shop > TOP 5 Period

▷ Period: 2021.06.21 ~ 08.01

4. (Rebirth Online only) Support auto mode in the open field
※ Areas where item farming is possible (field areas within open fields and instance dungeons) support automatic quest and automatic battles.

▷ Dungeons and other places that require manual control remain the same.

5. (iOS only) Apple M1
※ v.180 is a build made with Apple's new CPU, M1.

▷ There was work related to supporting the new architecture M1 on the existing CPU Intel base.

■ News

1. Complete the development of Character Server Transfer Goods
※ It will be sold after the live test.

▷ Detailed usage and official sales schedule will be announced after the maintenance has been carried out at least 2 times if there is no problem.

2. Official community site will be transferred to the new one
※ Currently, community work is in progress in the new space.

▷ By integrating new technology, we are creating simple and quick notification and FAQ,  game manuals, and real-time inquiry response channels for each language (Korean, English). 
We are preparing to open even if all detailed contents are not completed, and we will inform you soon.

▷ There will be a space for pre-sharing of content that is being developed internally.

3. Chat system and language translation (Korean <-> 5 languages, English <-> 12 languages)
※ In-game chat system and language translation work are in progress.

▷ (In-game) Changes to the existing chat system by introducing new external technologies are in progress.

▷ (Messenger) The same content as the chat content sent from game, such as world chat, guild chat, and 1:1, through a dedicated messenger app is being developed to be synchronized through mobile app and PC messenger.

4. Porting the PC version
※ Support Mac App Store and Window App Store

▷ Currently, it has been decided to provide a service through the Windows App Store along with the Mac version porting work.
Soon, you will be able to meet RebirthM and Rebirth Online on PC platforms (Mac, Windows).
After the work is completed, the Steam service will be shut down. We will notify you through a notice for details on account transfer and various subsequent matters.

Thank you.