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[Maintenance] 2021.05.13. Update

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작성자 CM 작성일 21-05-13 06:34


Hello, Rebirthers!

Please check the details below.  

■ Schedule 

▷ Thursday, May 13,   4:00AM ~ 5:30AM (UTC+0)

▷ Reward: 100,000x Gold, 100x Blue Caret

■ Server

▷ RebirthM, Rebirth Online all servers
※ Rebirth Online will be updated include v.177 build. Please download when the maintenance will be started. 

■ Contents

1. Adjustment Balancing
※ Adjusted in the direction of Defense enhancement slightly

▷ Decreased slightly the conversion value from the attack damage value to real damage(damage amount)
※ The effectiveness of defense has increased by 30% (sensitivity to groups with high defense) to 40% (sensitivity to groups with low defense) compared to the previous patch.

2. Guild War

※ The updated about increasing the reward was completed.

3. Contents

▷ [Improvement] Significant increase in the number of monsters at Fallen Canyon, Land of Chaos, and Baidel Mount. in Huron

▷ [Changed] Dungeon> Elite: All 11 elite dungeons opened 

▷ [Adjustment] Kairos Top Balancing
※ This is a temporary adjustment to prevent abusing. In the official launch, all rewards will be changed.

A. The difficulty increased slightly
B. The amount of Gold significantly lowered during monster killing rewards
C. 30 times limitation per day

▷ [Improvement] Item Icons
※ We think that the icon of the item is as important as the language translation in the global service, so we are continuing to improve it.

4. Shop

▷ [New] Cash > Gold Carat: Flag of Peace 1 day

Thank you.