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[v.177] 2021. 05. 02. Update - RebirthM Only

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작성자 CM 작성일 21-05-01 20:48


Hello, Rebirthers!

Please check the details below. 

※ The build status is still in waiting for review with Apple Store. 

We are very sorry about the schedule is changed to another date. 

■ Build update

▷ RebirthM

▷ Version: 177 (Google Play Store, Apple App Store)

■ Schedule 

▷ Tuesday, May 4  04:00 AM ~ 07:30 AM (UTC+0)

▷ Reward

A. Gaia, Themis: 100,000x Gold, 100x Blue Caret
B. Mnemosyne (after merged with Poibe): 500,000x Gold, 500x Blue Caret

■ In Advance 

▷ Available to join menu for community: In the middle of the first week in May  

▷ Regular maintenance timeline will be changed from May
※ Before: Every week
 After: When the update is needed, we will notify the schedule before, then will be updated.


■ Update Details 

1. Adjustment Balancing

※ Adjusted in the direction of PvP and PvE enhancement

▷ Increased the conversion value from the attack damage value to real damage(damage amount)

※ The attack power can penetrate defense better

▷ (Character) Increased the conversion value from the accuracy to the hit rate

※ The hit rate of the character will be increased

▷ (Monster) Increased defense penetration option

※ Monsters can penetrate the player's defense better

▷ (Monster) Increased the conversion value from the accuracy to the hit rate

※ The hit rate of the monster will be increased

▷  Increased the Prestige Weapon's unique option

※ Prestige Edition has been upgraded to be the strongest among the equipment series.

A. Slayer, Ranger: The critical hit rate boost value has been changed from 50% to 30%, but the activation probability is increased, and it can be stacked each time it is activated (no overlapping limit)

B. Berserker, Wizard: Attack power boost duration increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds, and it can be stacked each time it is activated (no overlapping limit)

2. Exchange

▷ [Change]  T-Coin will be changed with Gold

▷ [Change] Fees (Seller and Buyer will be charged with 15% Gold) 

A. Seller: It will be charged 15% as a fee

B. Buyer: It will be added 15% as a fee

※ All products that were registered before maintenance are settled at a 5% fee.

※ All products that were registered before maintenance or that have not been received or that have passed the period will be dropped off at the Exchange, so please arrange them before the maintenance. 

3. Contents

▷ [Close] Dungeon > Raid > (Beta) Chaos Dimension Ashana

※ In the case of the dungeon key piece obtained as a reward, we will support that it can be converted to another item through crafting at a later time.

▷ [Improvement] Field Boss Lucky Box




▷ [Extend] Quest > Event will be available until June 30th

※ Even after the boss rune content update, the event corner, and boss rune content support an increase in the number of duplicates when defeating bosses 

▷ [New] Boss Rune Contents

※ There were some problems occurred during Apple Store Review with boss rune contents, so this will be reflected in the next build. 

※ Information about the Boss Rune Contents

A. If you defeat the boss the required number of times, you will get a boss rune.

B. Select the boss rune and consume the contract rune to activate the buff.

※ Contact Rune consumed when using and leveling up after acquiring the boss rune have been added as monster drop items on the map. (v.177) 

C. Option values for each boss rune type 


▷ [New] Kairos Tower (3 floors opened)

※ Kairos Tower is designed to obtain the best results by targeting the character's skill attribute (3 types per job) and equipment parts specific settings for each floor boss's resistance attribute (2 types).

e.g., Slayer: The skill attribute is Physical, Light, Lightning and the boss resistance attribute is Light or Ice, you can efficiently attack if the setting of equipment parts related to skill and attack power is concentrated to Physical and Lightning.

▷ [Improvements] Category information of Sub Quest
※ You can see the remaining number of quest per type



▷ [Improvements] Notification of battlefield

※ If some party for battlefield made, you can see this icon
※ Currently, party UI is under renewing, when it will be finished, this shortcut is connected with the party room list for battlefield

▷ [Improved] 6 types of equipment (armors, accessories) blueprint changed 

A. Hunter Blueprint  (Armors, Accessory)


B. Namastaya Blueprint  (Armors, Accessory)


C. Dawn Blueprint  (Armors, Accessory)


D. Evil Eye 
Blueprint  (Armors, Accessory)


E. Magic Legion Blueprint  (Armors, Accessory)


F. Golden Knights Blueprint  (Armors, Accessory)


▷ [Improvement] Icons, Prestige Editions, etc





4. Shop

▷ [Update] Top 5:  April 1st ~ April 29th

▷ [Delete] Old Shop

A. T-Coin Corner

B. Growth

C. B.E. Material Box, Chaos Box, Enhance Scroll, Blessed Enhance Scroll, Raje's Magic Awl, Miracle Dye, Namastaya's Repair Kit, Namastaya's Blast Furnace

D. Supply > Misc > Skill Point reset, Resurrect Feather

5. Bug Fixes

▷ [Bug] Fixed a problem in the stackable slot in which more than 5,000 items could not be seen (e.g., Resurrect Feather)

▷ [Bug] Fixed a problem where the hide hero transform was not applied to the opponent

▷ [Bug] Fixed a problem where the 1+1 mark of the Gold Carat product was not visible

■ Scheduled Contents in May

▷ Converting the Currency

※ A system where you can purchase items by converting various idle currency to Blue Caret

▷ Kairos Tower Expansion

※ Weekly rewards and additional floor expansion through top clear rankings

▷ Collection Imprint System

▷ Character Change System

▷ 25 vs 25 War System

▷ RebirthM PC version

▷ Main Quest Expansion

Thank you for your all great support!