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[Maintenance] 2021. 03. 19 Update

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작성자 CM 작성일 21-03-19 19:09


Hello, Rebirthers!

Please check the details below.

■ Build update

▷ Version: 173 (Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Steam)

■ Schedule

▷ March 19th (Fri) 11:00AM ~ 12:30PM (UTC+0)
▷ Reward: 100,000x Gold, 100x Blue Caret

■ Server

▷ RebirthM, Rebirth Online

■ Update Details

1. Server

▷ Packet optimization for In-field boss event only
▷ Restrictions for entering each channel: 100 player

2. Events

▷ We will inform you after maintenance.

3. Content

▷ UX & UX (continued)

-Added MAX button to the window displayed by dragging
-Changed icons some part of the main menu icons
-Item icon renewal
-Apply font color change and size enlargement
-(Client Optimization) Delete unused images

▷ Community

-Fixed a bug where the community webpage did not appear in RebirthM iOS
-Settings ▷ Account: Changed the community URL with official community
-Change the size of the entire window

▷ Formular

-New: Added a formula to create [S] Gaia Holy Spirit: Wing with [A] Gaia Holy Spirit: Wing

▷ Ranking

-Delete PK count, level
※ Only Battle Power exists

4. Shop

▷ B shop move to the main menu
▷ 2021 Starter Pack limitation changed from limit 2/2 to monthly 1/1
▷ TOP 5 added (From March 1st ~ March 15th)
▷ Old Shop 
-Featured▷ Growth ▷ about 50% discount on Gold Carat products (7 days only)

5. Improvement
▷ language correction (continued)

Thank you.