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[Plan] New Community

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작성자 CM 작성일 21-03-08 17:25


Hello Rebirthers!

The new community will be updated with the below contents.

One of the key features is the authentication system.

Type A. Email authentication
This is a minimal authentication that does not require personal verification, such as a bulletin board for Rebirthers.

Type B. Mobile phone authentication
This is an authentication that requires personal verification, such as a 1:1 inquiry.

※ Currently, RebirthM and Rebirth Online do not store any personal information.

■ Schedule

Friday, April 2

■ Contents

1. Account

▷ rebirth.caretgames.com is a site that is being used by linking with caretgames.com account.

▷ Support for linking other accounts such as Google, Apple, and Facebook is currently being worked on.

2. 1:1 inquiry

▷ A 1:1 inquiry will be opened, and inquiries will be answered for up to 72 hours.

▷ It is operated as Type B, and when the answer is completed, you can receive an answer through other systems such as text messages.

3. Bug Submission

▷ In the case of the bug submission section, we do not provide an accurate answer due to the potential for abuse, and only the presence or absence of a bug will be answered and will be corrected for the next patch after determining and submitting the content bug.

4. Content Idea

▷ It will be operated in a direction that reflects as much as possible by receiving various opinions on various contents.

5. Guild-Only Space

▷ A guild-exclusive space is being worked on to leave traces of the guild's long periods of time, and this is another huge system work.

We will open it that it can be partially.

6. Coupon System

▷ At the time of launch, there were restrictions for each store, but at the moment the sanctions have disappeared, events and various coupon systems will be revived.

7. Board for Rebirthers only

▷ The board is operated as a space for the Rebirthers. The management team does not reply, and only insults or other sanctions are deleted and warnings are entered.

※ In the new community, please use the appropriate corner and bulletin board for each purpose.

8. Game System Information

▷ It will be updated continuously with content that may be helpful for gameplay.

▷ 1st: Menu and Basic information

▷ 2nd: Other Systems

9. Item Book

▷ In the case of the item book, it was a system that has been applied since 2018. Values ​​for each item-level are recorded, so please use them a lot.

10.  Pre-open Schedule

▷ Update and maintenance schedule

▷ Content update scheduled (mainly under development and scheduled to be updated)

※ We will continue to update the information below when we confirm the content to be added.

11. Point system

▷ There are points that are earned for community activities.
※ We will notify you when the point usage plan is confirmed.

12. Store

▷ The store is scheduled to open.
※ Store is a store on the web that can be used with RebirthM and Rebirth Online PC versions. 

Thank you.