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[Maintenance] 2021. 03. 05 Update

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작성자 CM 작성일 21-03-05 09:22


Hello Rebirthers

Please check the details below.

■ Schedule

▷ March 5th (Fri) (UTC+0) 04:00AM ~ 05:30PM

▷ Reward: 100,000x Gold, 100x Blue Caret 

■ Server

▷ RebirthM, Rebirth Online

■ Details

1. Server

▷ Stabilization and Optimization

▷ New Boss Event

※ We will post soon separately, because of long-term events, you need to get more information about new events. 

2. Event

▷ Heiros reward(CMLeona's GiftSpace♥) will be expanded up to 70th of contributors.

3. Contents

▷ Update 27 more national flags in guild mark

※ We've updated the wrong national flag of Taiwan, we will fix it until the next maintenance. We are very sorry about that. 

※我們已經更新了錯誤的臺灣國旗,我們將修復它,直到下一次維護。 我們對此感到非常抱歉。 

▷ Reduce the respawn time of all the field bosses (except elite dungeon and event dungeon boss) by about 50%.

▷ Formular

- New : It will be available to make Hero Transform Scroll with Transform Scroll

- Old : Previous event will be moved to previous event corner

▷ Drop-rate of MP portion under Lv.300 will be increased 2 times. (support for newbies)

▷ UX & UX (continue) 

- Changed the item grade background images

- Changed the size of item

- Renewal of Items Icon

4. Shop

▷  Close all cash goods in old shop

5. Bug

▷ It cannot be stacked with P.bound item and normal daily item. we fixed it.

▷ When someone defeat the field boss, there was no world message. we fixed it. 

6. Improvements

▷ Translation (Continue) 

Thank you.