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[Info] v.179 Update Details

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작성자 CM 작성일 21-07-02 01:56


Hello, Rebirthers!

Please check the details below.  

■ Schedule 

▷ Current Plan: Friday, July 2, 2021, or  Saturday, July 3, 2021, 2 hours (UTC+0)
※ The schedule will be fixed, we will notify via in-game world message and GM Note again.

▷ Reward: 100,000x Gold, 100x Blue Caret

■ Target Servers

▷ RebirthM, Rebirth Online all servers

■ Contents

1. Caret Games 6 years old Event 

※ We have prepared an event and a participation gift to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Caret Games.

▷ How to participate: Collect the C, A, R, E, T letters via monster dropped item.

▷ How to receive rewards 

A. Smithy > Craft > Event: Make the Carat Coin with C, A, R, E, T.

B. Event > Caret Games 6 Years: Receive a surprise gift by CARET Coin.



▷ Event Period: Until the next maintenance

※ Next maintenance scheduled: Friday, July 16, 2021 

2. [Improvement] Menu > Event 1st

※ Improvements are planned to obtain various rewards through the system.

▷ [New] Daily and weekly attendance rewards



3. [New] Item Exchange System

※ Direction to increase the utilization of idle resources according to the growth period of each server 

※ Menu Exchange's name has changed to the Trade 


▷ Smithy > Craft > System > Exchange


▷ Shop > Exchange


4. [Improvement] Guild 2th

※ It will be a continuation.

▷ After leaving the guild, the time to rejoin or re-create the guild has been changed from 24 hours to 1 hour.

▷ UI, Images Etc

5. Resurrection Feather

▷ Change the daily limit

A. Before: 3 times per a day

B. After: 5 times per a day


6. [Improvement] Server List Window

※ The direction of giving the featured server reward to all the newbie players for a certain duration.

▷ Separation of the notation of new and featured server


▷ [Rebirth Online] Modified to be displayed in the featured server reward in the character selection window


7. Major bug situations, UI, UX, item renewal, etc.

▷ [Fixed] Fixed a bug that exceeded the maximum displayed in the stat information window for costume enchantment numerical information

▷ UI, UX, Icons


▷ [Partial Fixed] Fixed some abnormal symptoms when selecting the menu in the dungeon selection window

※ This bug is related that only moved to the scenario dungeon when selecting the existing dungeon window for the first time, and it's related to the management of the windows system in the game. 

Therefore, it must be done through several additional modifications (build distribution), and we will notify you when the final modification is completed.

▷ [Unfixed] In the party menu, in the hunt category scroll lists are put on the right side for the first time.

※ This bug is a symptom that only appears on mobile devices, and is currently being tracked, and we will notify you when the final fix is ​​complete.

▷ [Temporary Way] When you enter with a party (base 3 members) and select the exit the dungeon button without finishing, you can see the dungeon window without a close button. So we released with the temporary way in v.178.

※ This bug is also related to the management windows system in the game. It is a symptom that cannot be reproduced in the development environment.

 Dev team is currently tracking, and we will notify you when the final fix is ​​complete.

Thank you.