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[Maintenance] 2021. 04. 23. Update

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작성자 CM 작성일 21-04-23 00:13


Hello, Rebirthers!

Please check the details below. 

■ Schedule 

▷ Friday, April 23  4:00AM ~ 5:30AM (UTC+0)

▷ Reward: 100,000x Gold, 100x Blue Caret

■ Server

▷ RebirthM, Rebirth Online all servers

■ In Advance 

▷ v.176 Build update: Friday, April 30 or Saturday, May 1
※ It will be included the boss rune contents, new mage tower contents and so on
※ If the schedule will be fixed, we will notice again.

▷ Poibe will be merged with Mnemosyne: Friday, April 30 or Saturday, May 1
※ If the schedule will be fixed, we will notice again.

▷ Exchange policy will be changedFriday, April 30 or Saturday, May 1
※ Seller and Buyer will be charged with 15% Gold
※ Seller: It will be charged 15% as a fee (currently, 5% as a fee)
※ Buyer: T-Coin will be changed with Gold
※ If the schedule will be fixed, we will notice again.

▷ Available to join menu for community: In the middle of the first week in May

▷ Regular maintenance timeline will be changed from May
※ Before: Every week
 After: When the update is needed, we will notify the schedule before, then will be updated.

■ Update Details 

1. Server

▷ Stabilization


2. Contents

▷ [Improvement] [B] Henia Scroll will be dropped in more regions

A. Huron: 3 more regions


B. Heiros: 3 more regions 


▷ [Change] Bounty Hunt reward will be increased

A. Before: 1,000x Gold per PK (maximum 100,000x Gold)
B. After: 10,000x Gold per PK (maximum 1,000,000x Gold)

▷ [Change] Mage Tower reward will be changed
※ Numbers of rewards, New ones (Blessed Enhance Scroll, [A] Gaia Holy Spirit: Wing

▷ [Change] Filed boss respawn time will be changed to the normal time schedule (RebirthM only)

▷ [Improvements] Change some item icons, scrolls of the black edition


3. Shop

▷ [Update] Top 5: From April 1st ~ April 18th

▷ [New] MP Pass
※ Shop > Cash > Gold Caret > Daily Box
※ When you use skill, there is no cost of MP


▷ [New] Add the new products in Shop > Gold > for Lv.601 ~ Lv.700 players

Thank you for your great support.