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[Temporary Maintenance] Quest > Event > Boss Rune mission

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작성자 CM 작성일 21-04-19 17:03


Hello, Rebirthers! 

Today, we have temporary maintenance for resetting the number of Quest > Event > Boss Rune mission. 

Please check the details below.

■ Servers

▷ RebirthM only

▷ Rebirth Online: No temporary maintenance
※ It will be updated with related issues resolved at April 19th, 08:00 AM ~ 09:30 AM (UTC+0).

■ Schedule

▷ April 19 (Mon) 10:00 a.m. ~ 10:30 a.m. (30 minutes)

■ Details

1. Quest> Event: Reset the number of bosses defeating during the event

▷ Problem: Due to the problem that the key value of the mission that was used for a long time was duplicated, so the event mission looked different for each character who had an event that had the key value in the past.

▷ Solution: It is changed to a new key-value and initialized to 0 after maintenance, and the previously acquired Rune Stone can only be sold for 500,000x Gold.

2. Compensation

▷ Existing Rune Stone: Resale for 500,000x Gold

▷ Boss re-spawn time: 50% reduced compared to the previous one (only RebirthM is temporarily progressed until the official content update)

3. Normal contents of the event

▷ A total of 15 field bosses and related achievements should be shown at 0/50.

▷ Only one Rune Stone can be obtained through the event per boss.

▷ If you receive a reward for the mission, it will disappear from the event corner.

※ We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the problems that have occurred through the live service for many years.

Thank you.