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[Maintenance] 2021. 04. 09 Update

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작성자 CM 작성일 21-04-09 13:45


Hello, Rebirthers!

Please check the details below.

■ Build update

▷ Rebirth Online only 

▷ Version: 174 (Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Steam)
※ The protocol has been changed, so you must update the newer version

■ Schedule

▷ Friday, April 9  4:00AM ~ 8:00AM (UTC+0) (4 hours)

▷ Reward: 500,000x Gold, 500x Blue Caret

■ Server

▷ RebirthM, Rebirth Online all servers

■ Update Details

1. Server

▷ Merge Servers ( More)
▷ Stabilization

2. Shop

▷ Cash > Gold Caret 

※ 1/N probability 



▷ Information of notation error 

A. If you have the same item in inventory, the below window is not appear ※ Item is obtained

B. Proper notation ※ This error will be corrected with the build update of v.175 (Steam is applied with the build of v.174)




▷ Renew Gold > Rental


A. Items: Collection > Sett Effect #011, 8 kinds of Lv.9

B. Price: 50,000,000x Gold each

C. purchase limit to 1 time, owning for 7 days, no more extension

▷ New sub-category Starter > Gold
※ Available up to Lv.600



3. Improvements

▷ Notation of remaining time

※ ※ This will be updated with the build update of v.175 (Steam is applied with the build of v.174)

A. Before: If it is more than 1 day, displaying the number of days remaining (e.g. 2d)

B. After: If it is more than 1 day, displaying the number of days and hours remaining (e.g. 2d 23h)



4. UI / UX

▷ Change icon style


▷ Change all HP potions icons


▷ Change all [EM] HP potions icons


▷ Change all MP potions icons


▷ Change all [EM] MP potions icons


Thank you for your all great support!